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Tuesday, Feb. 08, 2005 - 11:42 a.m.

He is wearing only a PVC corsette and is suspended with rope from the ceiling by his wrists and ankles; a full face leather hood makes him blind, unable to smell, and almost removes his ability to breathe. The mistress shouts at him, as she whips his genitals with a black leather crop. The emasculation, if self imposed and artificial, is completed by leaving him alone in that position for the next two hours.

During the interview, the mistress and her slave are seated on the sofa and look like they could be anyone's grandparents. He wears a checked red shirt and khakis, and she is dressed in a conservative white lacy dress. One suspects they are going to offer tea and crumpets at any moment. They are not married, they have never had sex, and he talks about how much he loves and wants to serve her. He does not mind that she regularly sleeps with other men because his devotion to her is total. Isn't love also a form of pain? he asks. They have lived together like this for the past three years.

Before the viewer can express revulsion or puzzlement, there is a single moment when the viewer feels pity: They have only known pain and suffering, and somehow, they have confused this with love; for the rest of their lives, the poor creatures will be unsatisfied, and cannot love any other way.


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