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Wednesday, Feb. 09, 2005 - 12:55 p.m.

20 Things

Rules: Drink one shot for each thing you have done before. Double-shot for consecutive hits.

1. Taken off your pants before breaking wind.

2. Taken a photograph of your own ass with a digital camera (and thought it was pretty good-looking).

3. Hoped someone on a bus or train would talk to you because of the book you were reading.

4. Watched an 'art film' for its (in)famous sex scenes.

5. Believed in the concept of the 'One' i.e. soulmate.

6. Stopped believing in the 'One'.

7. Owned black underwear (I can be a sexy bastard too)

8. Know your own smell.

9. Lied about wanking (drink triple-shot here).

10. Waited for a phonecall that never came.

11. Been accused of being poetic.

12. Had friends superglue your pubic hair.

13. Lied that you were somewhere else.

14. Wanted to have sex with a stranger standing next to you.

15. Woken up from a dream feeling an incredible sense of loss.

16. Been tau-pokked.

17. Created a myth about yourself.

18. Broken into school.

19. Been wanted by the opposite sex.

20. Thought that the world, in spite of you and me, can be beautiful.


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